Falling Down Falling Down

ImageImageView of the River Thames


One of the “towers” of the bridge

I am currently in an Apple Store with my friend who is waiting for their iPhone to be fixed. An Apple Store in London is like Harry Potter meets Steve Jobs. The interior and exterior of the store is very traditional architecture, yet this space has iPhones, iPads, & Mac laptops galore! Since class is done with for the day and I am here waiting for their appointment I thought I might as well do another post.

The other day after the London Tower we went to Tower Bridge. The bridge was built between 1886-1894. It stands with some of the most recognised (in U.S. its recogniZe) bridges in the world, with the likes of the Brooklyn Bridge and Golden Gate. It certainly is interesting because of the two towers that make it iconic. We walked across the bridge both ways as we took in the afternoon view of the River Thames. There was no rush just pausing and taking in the view of the river along with the view of the towers of the bridge. Small boats just sailing along the river, businessmen hurriedly walking and talking, tourists with their cameras out, and the sun slowly setting. Of course those who walk across the bridge as part of their daily commute do not take into account how lucky they are to see this every day. Just like businessmen in New York who cross the Brooklyn Bridge or pass the Empire State Building without giving it a second thought.

The bridge does not get raised as often as it once did. There must be a 24 hour advance warning by the ship for it to be raised. Fortunately we were able to watch it open and close. The alarm went off the section of the bridge was closed off and the centre (center in the U.S.) opened. All who were there were glued to the opening and closing of the bridge. Cameras were pulled out and silence ensued. But there was a British teenage girl mocking everyone who was taking pictures. She annoyingly repeated, “Wow a bridge opening and closing. Don’t see that everyday.” “Wow a bridge, its here everyday.” Though we were mocked, it was magnificent to watch such a simple work of engineering. 


Raising of the Bridge

Recently One Direction filmed a portion of their music video on the bridge for their song Midnight Memories. And we met with on of the bridge’s maintenance crew who was their during the filming and actually met them.  We continued to talk to the maintenance man about the operations of the bridge. He was extremely friendly and seemed to be highly entertained by the questions we were asking. Though the song London Bridge is Falling Down has no relation with the bridge, it sure was an enjoyable and simple pleasure to walk back and forth on this iconic symbol. 




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