Paris IV: Love Lock Bridge

LOCK 1There’s a plethora of quotes revolving around “True love cannot be broken.” And this thought is starting to be materialized through an increasingly popular practice of “love locks” or “love padlocks.” In certain places around the world (most notably Europe, Paris in particular) there are sites, mostly bridges, where couples come bring a lock with their names on it and lock it there. The thought is that there love cannot be broken. Their love is as strong as the lock. The couple is locked in their loving gaze, in their embrace, in their kiss.lock 2 And usually the couple throws the key off the sight, for example if it is off a bridge the key is thrown into the river. The throwing of the key symbolizes that no one or nothing will come between them, the key is lost forever just as the couple is lost forever in their love. lock 3

Right behind Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most famous of all lock bridges: Pont de l’Archevêché. After our visit to Notre Dame we made our way over to the bridge. Even though I am not in a relationship I still partook in this popular custom. The bridge also has a great view of Notre Dame. I’ve wanted to do this ever since I knew I’d be visiting Paris. lock 4I bought my $3 lock back home at Ace Hardware, purposely made sure it had a key, and brought it with me. Though there are vendors around who will sell you a lock. This was definitely one of my favorite moments of my trip. With a sharpie I wrote my initials on the lock with the year: J.M. 2014. I was amazed to see all the locks on the bridge! Those locks representing so much romantic love. I’m sure some of the relationships on those locks are over now, but still it is an impressive sight. My lock would be one of many who came before me to partake in this act. This practice is truly organic and has grassroots. I looked where the perfect place would be to put my lock. Hmmm…I saw a few pink locks among the billion gold and silver locks. I thought if I wanted mine to somewhat stand out I’d put it by the locks of a different color. So I locked it to the pink locks, a random strangers lock. I locked it. I stood up, put my back to the river, threw the key over my shoulder, and PLOP it landed at the bottom of the Seine-only to float to the bottom-only to rust-and then eventually disintegrate. I don’t know why I got so much joy in doing this. I guess maybe because it is a popular custom and all the hype. I don’t know. But I truly enjoyed it as my lock is now one of a plethora of locks. I stood there looking at all the locks, looking at the beautiful back view of Notre Dame, and everything was right where it was supposed to be. Hopefully my lock will be there for a long time. With that we rushed down the block to Subway so I could use the bathroom and order a much needed sub. When in France, go to an American franchise right? Though in my defense it was a GREAT sub!

lock 5


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