Paris VI: Belle Nuit

nighteFor our last night in Paris we decided to head on over to see the Eiffel Tower all lit up. We arrived while the sun was still out. The sun was not going to set until around 9:30-10. We made our way to the grassy field directly south behind the tower. We sat down on the grassy field awaiting for it to light up and to make Paris literally the “City of Light.” There were a bunch of people also on the grassy field, some with blankets, some with champagne bottles. There was a steady flow of random people going through the field asking us if we wanted to buy champagne, wine, beer, or cheap toys off them. Night began to fall and gradually lights on the tower went off. There were plenty of couples around taking pictures. Nothing more romantic than the Eiffel Tower at night right? Once the lights were all on and the sun was set the light “show” began. The show consisted of a bunch of flickering lights up and down the tower for about 10 minutes. Cameras were whipped out and people instantly began taking pictures and videos of the dazzling spectacle. After the show we sat around for a bit and then some of the group wanted to have crepes. Not being a fan I just got ice cream and we headed off to the subway to our hotel. For our next and final morning we would be heading off to pay a visit to Mona, Lisa, & a few others. But that’s for next time. nighte2




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