Amazon Day 3 ~ Peru


Day 3: We woke up at 5:30 am once again and once again put on life vests. We headed off unto the boats and jetted up the river to a small little sand island to watch the sunrise and try to spot parrots. We were accompanied on the island by a few other people awaiting the same beautiful sights. We saw the mist slowly dissipate as the purple, pink sunlight covered the green trees. Unfortunately we did not see any unique parrots but the view of the sunrise among the mountains was enough for one to wake up early to experience the site. Unfortunately we did not see any parrots or unique animals-but that is the way nature is: on its own time.


We had breakfast and an hour later were geared up for zip lining. I was not sure if I was going to do zip lining because I had never done it and am not a fan of heights. But after thinking it over and slight peer pressure I decided to gear-up. We walked 45 minutes into the forest to begin the first of the three lines.Along the way to the zip line we saw a baby, venomous snake. A snake so poisonous that if we got bit we would die within 30 minutes without medical assistance–and I don’t think there was an E.R. within 6 hours here. Up the ladder we went to the platform ready to descend to the next platform in the distance. I reluctantly lifted my legs off the platform and zoomed down. I looked at the view and it was amazing. I landed on the next platform and was tremendously glad I did it.


Once we got to the final platform we waited for one of the assistants to come onto the platform. He zoomed on the zip-line with one hand on the break and one on the machete. We repelled down from the 30 foot tree platform and down unto the ground. We had lunch and had 1 1/2 hours for free time until we would begin our next hike.



      We once again got in the boat and off we went to one of the islands for a hike. There we walked through a bamboo forest and a few people tried termites. The guide said they are supposed to taste like mint but those who tried it didn’t agree. The bamboo were at least 4x our height.
We saw many different animals and birds. We also tasted bitter-cane. It’s a plant that looks similar to sugar cane. Our guide chopped the cane in half with his machete and we drank the water from it. It tasted like sweet water and was delicious. People in the Amazon when running out of water use bitter cane to drink out of.
We then decided to take a raft made up of 6 large wooden branches on the pond–the Peruvian version of a Venetian gondola. We then went back onto the main river and saw the sunset as the moon ascended unto the night sky. We headed back to our cabins and had our final dinner as we would be heading back to Cusco the next day.

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