About the Title & Subtitle

“The sun never set on the British Empire,” is a well known phrase to most people. Because a majority of my time will be spent in England, I thought it would be suitable to used a quote that fit this country. It is this country that I find most intriguing because of my interest with it. Ever since middle school I have taken a great interest in England in both history and literature. This interest would spawn my other fascinations surrounding this isle with classic British musical pieces and composers, along with religion in Britain (mostly between Catholicism and the Anglicans), & of course the ever fascinating British Monarchy!

The meaning of this quote simply means that at the peak of its reign the British owned some many dominions that expanded all over the world that when the sun set on one territory, it would be rising in another. For example it had dominions in India, North America, Australia. Plus I personally have a strange fascination with this phrase, so I decided to use it. It is an example to show the vast rule and influence England had in both the Western and Eastern hemispheres. The origin of this phrase is disputed because it is shown in different letters and works at round the some time in around the 1820’s.

I decided to add the “or on a Traveling Mind” part because I will be traveling to other countries as well. But this entire experience will be one of travel, even while I am in England itself. All the places I will be this summer, will be for the first time. My mind will be traveling literally & figuratively as well. The sun of knowledge & intelligence will never abandon those who truly search for it with desire, enthusiasm, & passion. The sun’s rays will always gently warm and light the way even on the cloudiest & gloomiest of days.

In the words of British poet, William Wordsworth, “Nature never did betray / The heart that loved her.”

  Personally, in my own words: Passion, Travel, & Wisdom never did betray / The heart that loved her and sought after her. 


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